Welcome to the Business Side of Business Podcast!

BOOM! The Business Side of Business has arrived. Our offer is this great resource for business owners - whether new and starting up or experienced and growing. We will be focusing on singular topics to deliver actionable content. Our mission is to allow you to be more in control of the growth and successful development of operations and management within your own company!

We know you went into business because you have great expertise or passion for a product or service you offer. What you probably underestimated was HOW MUCH there was still to learn about running and building your business. But give yourself a break...like Talmar Anderson, our Host, always says...

Business is NOT innate! It is learned.

So subscribe and listen in or choose to watch the video interview. We are going to give specific answers, piece by piece, on business topics, business tools, management best practices and, of course, we will be creating action! Each episode will give you at least 1 item you, the business owner, can do today to start effecting change and real growth in your company.

If you can make it, join us LIVE every Tuesday at 1:00pm EST on Blab for the guest appearance and your chance to ask questions right then and there! Follow me at @BizSideofBiz on Blab.im!

It is your company. Success is defined by YOU! We just want to make it easier on you.

Our guests are experts and experienced business owners that will be offering tips and details on what you can do for your business as well as what NOT to do.

YOU are part of this project! We are building a resource that you can plug into for ongoing business "know how" as well as a searchable tool for when you have that specific question. Please leave us a comment on what is frustrating you, your business or what tools you have questions on. We won't be able to teach you everything in 25 - 40 minutes but we will certainly point you and your business in the right direction for finding direct answers!

Now GO! Grow!

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